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My Blog Project

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Relevate was contracted by Bellarive to create three versions of a new site concept for the band. Web, mobile, and blog. It's hard to really describe this latest project. I guess you have to really go to the site and check it out. Many months of work and planning went into this one and we are very honored to be able to work beside such a great band. They have a great heart for worship and a refreshing sound that is quite unique. You can listen and purchase their music on iTunes or Amazon.
Many challenges were presented to us to launch a unique site with a full HD video background with a website on top that was simple and easy to use. All at the same time allowing for smooth playback on older PC/Mac computers. Relevate created a mobile version of the site that is streamlined and made just for the mobile user. We also created a blog for the band that is linked to the main site. Allowing them to update the site and the blog at the same time, even from an iPhone or iPad. The blog is located at Check out the site on your computer and mobile device at